Our team of trainers have many years’ experience in the delivery of leadership and management training at the highest level with some of the world’s foremost organisations; including Princes Foods, DLA Piper, The University of Sheffield, The RAF and The Houses of Parliament.  This, coupled with hundreds of smaller companies, third sector and public sector agencies gives us the knowledge that allows us to design and deliver training to exactly meet the needs of the client.  We do not do ‘off the shelf’ delivery – the courses outlined below are examples, contact us to see how we can help.

Introduction to Leadership

Designed to be short and snappy to provide managers and team leaders with the essential skills, knowledge and behaviours required to effectively manage their team.


  • Increases confidence in the leadership role
  • Provide simple tools and techniques that will make managing the team less stressful
  • Develop personal development action plans to improve performance in the leadership role

Course Content

  • Developing an effective leadership style
  • Communicating with your team
  • Self-confidence and understanding assertiveness
  • Managing the performance of your team

ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills

This short course provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring team leaders and supervisors to develop a foundation knowledge of leadership and develop the ability to out skills into practice in the workplace.

This short qualification can be delivered to a group within your organisation or completed as an individual on a distance learning basis.

The development programme provides aspiring team leaders and supervisors with an ideal vehicle to develop their knowledge and skills, enabling them to create a motivational working environment and improve the performance of their team.

Learners will be guided by their tutor through a series of training modules and supported in the completion of assessment assignments in the following subject areas:-

  • Developing yourself as a team leader
  • Improving the performance of the work team
  • Developing the work team
  • Managing yourself and your workload

Following the successful completion of the unit assessments participants will gain a nationally recognised qualification, increase their confidence within the role and their leadership potential.

ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

This short development programme provides leaders and managers with the essential knowledge and skills they need to motivate and lead their team to success.

It is ideal for individuals in a leadership or management role who do not have any formal training or managers looking to refresh their training, progress or take on additional responsibility.

This course can be delivered to groups within an organisation or on a 1:1 distance learning basis for individual learners.

The programme will take participants through a series or training modules designed to provide them with the ability to motivate & lead a team, managing performance to achieve key objectives and contribute towards organisational success.

The tutor will provide guidance and support through 4 modules

  • Understanding leadership
  • Understanding performance management
  • Motivating the team to improve performance
  • Recruitment and selection of new staff

Following each training module, the tutor and assessor will support you in the completion of written assessment assignments which will lead to a nationally recognised qualification.

ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management Skills

This short course and qualification is designed for new and aspiring middle managers who wish to who wish to develop their leadership skills and prepare to take on greater management responsibility.

This qualification comprises two mandatory units:

  • Understanding the management role to improve management performance
  • Assessing your own leadership capability and performance

Individuals attending this programme will:

  • Gain a detailed understanding of their role and responsibilities
  • Develop interpersonal skills and build effective relationships in the workplace
  • Be able to communicate the organisations goals and values to team members, set appropriate performance objectives and contribute to the organisational strategy
  • Develop skills and behaviours to lead and motivate people to achieve those objectives
  • Assess their ability in the management role and set personal development plans
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